The Windy Willow Farm Produce bag is an Eco- friendly alternative to plastic for storing and preserving produce in the refrigerator. This innovative bag is actually two bags - the inner bag made of bamboo terry wicks the moisture away from your produce, and the outer laminated, zippered bag is air tight. Together this fabulous bag keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher longer than any other method- container or bag- that you may have tried in the past, and it looks lovely in your refrigerator as well.

This is a small investment that is reusable, washable, durable and lasts for years. The bags keep your produce fresh without frequent trips to the market and eliminate food waste. Given the external gloss finish, it makes for easy wipe cleaning, and the inner removable bag allows for machine washing.

The bags are offered in six signature Windy Willow Farm designs- two florals, two checks and two stripes- and in three sizes.

The Windy Willow Farm market totes are also offered in our six signature designs and are available in regular and insulated varieties.  Due to the fact that more and more states are banning plastic bags and are requiring that stores do not provide shopping bags for their customers, there is an even higher demand for a sturdy and stylish bag.  This eco-friendly, heavy duty, super functional bag will hold its shape while protecting your food items, with the insulated variety keeping foods cold or hot on the way home from the farmers market or grocery store. Once again, the ability to be able to wipe clean the glossy laminated cloth is a huge asset to the Windy Willow Farm bags.

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