Allysa Torey opened Magnolia Bakery in New York's  Greenwich Village in the summer of 1996. After enjoying  ten successful years at the bakery, Allysa sold the  business so that she could spend more time with her  growing family. She lives on a small farm in upstate New  York called Windy Willow Farm with her two children Wilson Henry and Audrey Jane, where she raises organic dairy cows, chickens, and grows vegetables. She has  written four cookbooks and is currently finishing up a fifth.  She spends her time cooking, gardening, writing, and  taking long walks in the hay fields with her collies.
 The Windy Willow Farm website will  feature  housekeeping, cooking, and gardening ideas. Allysa will also share new recipes from her latest cookbook, which focuses on delicious, satisfying comfort  food and dishes that everyone in the family will not only eat, but are enthusiastic about eating. By offering realistic options for healthy, everyday meals and organizational tips for kitchen preparation, we hope to encourage families to get back into the evening ritual of sitting down together  around the table.
Windy Willow Farm is thrilled to introduce our new products for the holiday season. In addition to our own line of laminated cloth items, we are now offering a line of high-quality kitchen linens as well as organic bath products made right here on the farm.  Please visit our shop page to take a look!
        Thank you for your continued support!