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Why Make One When You Can Make Three? Or Six?

Why Make One When You Can Make Three? Or Six?

This is probably my second most favorite kitchen tip. It’s actually sort of the part two to my “ How to get a fresh home cooked meal on the dinner table every night “ tip from a few months ago.

Truly, the easiest way to get a great dinner on the table any night of the week, is to have a well stocked freezer. And in order to have a well stocked freezer, you of course have to stock it! And the easiest way to do this, is every time you are making some thing -  whether it’s a pot of soup, a batch of pasta sauce, a stew, or a casserole, never waste your time making only one! It takes only the smallest amount of time to double or triple a recipe, a bit more chopping of vegetables usually, but then look at what you get in return- quite a few meals just waiting to be eaten!

If you defrost a jar of soup, all you need to prepare on that evening is some toasty bread to go with it. If you defrost a jar of pasta sauce, you need to make the pasta of course, and perhaps a nice salad to go alongside. A jar of stew, some noodles. A casserole- nothing! Casseroles are the ultimate pre-made freezer meal- straight from the freezer into the oven it goes, and two hours later, dinner is on the table!

Once I started freezing things, I was really surprised at how many foods freeze really well with out losing any quality. And there is no better feeling than opening up my freezer and seeing those shelves filled up with stacks of mason jars and Pyrex dishes!