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Autumn Garden notes

Autumn Garden notes

Every year, I have these fabulous intentions of writing down all the important ideas and adjustments and improvements that I would like to make in the gardens. I must admit, most years, I get so caught up in the everyday stuff that needs to be accomplished, that I wind up forgetting to jot these “important things” down, and there I am, in the Spring, standing in the garden (usually with my friend Tim, who helps me at the farm, and who forgets everything just like me) wondering what they were... 

 Here are some of mine for this year:

We only need two pickling cucumber plants. The same goes for eggplant. We need twice as many Brussels sprouts. Planting heads of lettuce in very small rows of two, every two weeks would probably be the perfect amount for our small family. Fertilizing the roses in August is definitely unnecessary. Believe it or not, the four feet I have allotted for my golden zucchini plant, given the new variety and how voracious it is, is actually not enough space. Starting the butternut squash seedlings inside might be a good idea. Starting the annual phlox inside would also work out much better.

So here I am, the first week of November, with a gentle reminder to myself, and anyone else who might be reading this, that now is the time! Put you notes together now, before all is forgotten, once again!

( and if you are a gardener, and have not yet purchased one of our beautiful gardening notes binders, now might just be the’s much more fun and motivating when you have a really nice book! )